TikTok For Artists: Tips To Increase Your Reach And Exposure

Do you dream of getting the TikTok artist verification? That’s great, but you must first learn how to use TikTok for artists. Just a few years ago, Instagram was the go-to platform for artists who wanted to build an online presence and reach a large audience of potential clients. While many artists still use Instagram,…

How To Start Watercolor Painting: Guide For Beginners

Are you ready to learn how to start watercolor painting? Chances are, you are: Whether you enjoy working with acrylic or oil paints, watercolors should be a medium you master, too. Watercolor paint provides a world of possibilities for the artist. The type of artwork you can create via watercolor is too much to count….

Oil Paint Vs. Acrylic Paint: How To Choose The Best Paint For You

Are you ready to join the discussion about oil paint vs. acrylic paint? Both paint mediums have devoted fanbases. And that’s not surprising: Many artists prefer to work with acrylics. After all, acrylic paint dries faster and is easier to implement in a painting. However, the oil paint has many advantages too: By all means,…

Oil Painting For Beginners: Guide To Using Oil Paints

Why would anyone want to learn how to create an oil painting for beginners? Well, there are many reasons – I’ll tell you the essential ones: Firstly, oil paintings are excellent artwork for newbies. And that’s because oil paints offer many possibilities for creative expression of ideas and visuals. Secondly, going for an oil painting…

9 Oil Painting Techniques Every Artist Must Know

Most oil painting techniques keep captivating aspiring and experienced artists from all over the world. And it’s easy to understand why: Oil paints provide artists with countless creative possibilities to express their inner worlds and ideas. Say what you will, but techniques such as blending and layering can do wonders for your next oil artwork….