Oil Painting Mediums: A Beginner’s Guide For Artists

Oil painting mediums are a timeless artistic technique that has been cherished for centuries. What lends oil painting its unique appeal is not just the vibrant colors and rich textures, but also the array of mediums artists use to manipulate and enhance the characteristics of the paint. These mediums play a big role in shaping…

Acrylic Mediums: The Ultimate Guide For Best Results

The spectrum of acrylic mediums is as diverse as the imaginations of the artists who employ them. Gel mediums create intricate textures and impasto effects. Meanwhile, pouring mediums facilitate the mesmerizing flow of colors across the canvas. Matte and gloss mediums enrich paintings with different surface finishes, adding depth and character to the final artwork….

TikTok For Artists: Tips To Increase Your Reach And Exposure

Do you dream of getting the TikTok artist verification? That’s great, but you must first learn how to use TikTok for artists. Just a few years ago, Instagram was the go-to platform for artists who wanted to build an online presence and reach a large audience of potential clients. While many artists still use Instagram,…

How To Start Watercolor Painting: Guide For Beginners

Are you ready to learn how to start watercolor painting? Chances are, you are: Whether you enjoy working with acrylic or oil paints, watercolors should be a medium you master, too. Watercolor paint provides a world of possibilities for the artist. The type of artwork you can create via watercolor is too much to count….