Websites To Sell Art Online: Top Places To Sell Your Art

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Are you looking for the best websites to sell art online?

You must be since you’re about to read this article!

Making that first sale is the ultimate dream of any aspiring artist.

After all, art is meant to be seen and appreciated, not left to collect dust in a remote corner of your home.

And what happens as soon as you reach the goal and your artwork finds a permanent place in someone else’s house?

Hopefully, plenty of other sales will follow!

A great starting point to begin walking that path is researching the best places to sell art online.

Today, I’ll introduce you to my list of the best sites to sell artwork online. We’ll talk about a handful of topics, such as:

  • How to sell art online and make money?
  • Can you sell art online free?
  • What are the best places to sell art online?
  • Selling art online for beginners – tips and ideas to make more sales.

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How To Sell Art Online And Make Money

First and foremost, I won’t dwell too much on this topic.

Nowadays, there are plenty of opportunities to start selling your art online.

The possibilities are countless – and that’s not an exaggeration on my part.

Right now, you can sell art on the web as both creator and curator.

Furthermore, you have the chance to begin selling art in many forms – original paintings, prints, posters, print-on-demand, etc.

Also, let’s not forget that you can always launch an online store and offer your art pieces there.

And what about platforms like RedBubble or Etsy? Sure, these are options too and great ones, if I may add!

20 websites to sell art online

The bottom line is simple:

These days, you can start selling art online in almost any way imaginable.

If you have some free time, use it to read my case study on selling art online for beginners.

Can You Sell Art Online For Free?

Assuming that you’re just starting to research ways to monetize your art, let me open this article by answering a nagging question:

Is there such a thing as selling art for free? Meaning, is it possible to sell your first artwork without paying anything at all?

Now, I have to be honest with you:

Unfortunately, that question doesn’t command a simple answer.

Whether you’ll manage to sell your art and escape any fees depends on many factors.

For example, are you planning to sell art in your e-commerce store? Maybe you’re relying on Social Media influencers to help you earn your first art paycheck?

Quite frankly, the possibilities are more than I can count right now.

With that said, I highly recommend looking into websites that will assist you with selling your art online.

Working with such a website is the closest thing to a great way to sell art online for free.

Do You Have To Pay Websites To Sell Your Art?

Again, that depends on the particular website you’ll choose to work with once you’re ready to start selling artwork.

In most cases, websites will not charge you any fee to showcase your work to their audience. At least, that’s how the best ones operate!

Instead of asking you for an up-front fee, these websites will take a portion of your earnings once you make a sale.

Yes, you can think of such exchange as a commission-based type of collaboration.

Do you see anything wrong with that?

I don’t, since going in that direction will allow you to cut down any potential expenses at the beginning of your online career as an artist.

So, you don’t have to worry about creating an enormous budget just to be able to start selling your art!

advantages of using popular websites to sell art online

Quite frankly, there are so many reasons to trust the best websites that help artists sell their work.

It’s highly unlikely I’ll manage to write them all down. But I’ll give it a try anyway:

  • You’ll benefit from an already established platform – That means your art will instantly reach a large audience you wouldn’t have access to otherwise. Not to mention, you’ll gain access to that site’s sales tools. Likewise, you’ll save money by not purchasing these tools yourself.
  • Your art will be in front of different audiences – Every website that accepts art for sale has its own unique audience. By working with a few websites, your work will get views from people from all over the world.
  • Selling your first art piece will become easier – Showing paintings to an audience that already exists will allow you to make your first sale faster. If you try to build a fanbase from scratch, it will take much longer until you begin selling – no argument about that!

Best Practices And Strategies Before You Connect With Websites To Sell Art Online

I get it – you must be impatient at this moment, aren’t you?

Just thinking about your work popping up on some of the most popular sites that sell art is surely an exciting and overwhelming experience.

No worries – you’ll see my list of such websites in a second.

Before we get there, I think you’ll benefit from learning a couple of selling art online for beginners’ tips and ideas.

Here are a few things to keep in mind before you start selling art through websites:

  • Do your own research – No two websites to sell art online are exactly the same. Each of these platforms is unique in its own way. Subsequently, not every single site will be the best fit for the type of art you create. That’s why it’s crucial to research all the sites you plan to join before you do so.
  • Keep your prices the same everywhere – It’s possible to list the same work of art on two or more websites. As a matter of fact, I recommend that. Still, make sure your prices are the same on every site you list your work. If a person buys your piece and then sees it somewhere else at a lesser price, that person may feel cheated. Do you think they will but from you ever again?
  • Track your sales – Keeping some sort of inventory on your art business is essential, in my opinion. Knowing what art pieces you’re selling and where at all times will save you time and a possible headache!

Best Websites To Sell Art Online

Alright, let’s get straight to the point, shall we?

After all, you’re here to learn more about the best online platforms that will allow you to sell your art to their audiences.

Here they are:

1) ArtPal

By all means, ArtPal should be your first choice once you are ready to start selling art online.

The website is probably the most popular platform you can use to offer artwork for sale.

Why wouldn’t it be?

ArtPal is a completely free online gallery that will allow you to buy and sell all kinds of art.

For example, you can list for sale both original paintings and prints. On top of that, you’ll be able to use a free print-on-demand service if you want to do custom prints and frames.

Again, ArtPal has no membership or commission fees!

2) Fine Art America

fine art America

Many may argue that Fine Art America deserves the top spot on this list of websites to sell art online.

Basically, I see the logic in that statement:

Currently, Fine Art America is the largest marketplace for digital art in the world.

It attracts millions of people as an audience. Plus, it makes the process of selling art on the platform as easy as it can get.

You can sign up and list 30 items for free on the site. However, you’ll have to pay $30 per year if you want to sell more than 30 items.

In my opinion, the fee is more than reasonable considering the size of the audience your work will be able to reach.


Hands down, VSUAL is the most suitable platform for you if you plan to focus on selling art prints.

It’s free to join, easy to use, and offers plenty of prints sizes to potential buyers.

If you feel like that’s the site you should join, all you have to do is apply for a shop, upload your work, and choose markup to charge.

Believe it or not, the website will handle all the rest.

For example, VSUAL will deal with printing, framing, and shipping – you don’t have to worry about any of that!

4) Artist Stop Being Poor Club

That’s an awesome name for an art website, isn’t it? Above all, it’s pretty self-explanatory what the site does:

Artist Stop Being Poor Club will help sell art prints to a worldwide audience.

While the site won’t charge you any commission fee, you’ll have to pay for the printing costs.

Right now, the cheapest membership will cost you $7 per month.

5) OnlineGallery.Art

websites to sell art online: online gallery art

OK, not that I want to influence your choice of a site, but has a special place in my heart.

Once you get to know the platform, chances are you’ll feel the same way about it!

Online Gallery Art is an art website that grows as we speak. But that’s not why the site happens to be my favorite:

No, it’s because it will let you offer an art selection of your choice and allow you to keep in touch with other art lovers.

Yes, let the communication begin!

Don’t underestimate that – when you’re a newbie, establishing connections in the art world is a must.

To clarify, the site will charge you a small fee (between $5-$10), but that fee is so worth it!

6) Singulart

Over 50,000 artworks are currently for sale on Singulart.

Be that as it may, you should not let that competition intimidate you:

Singulart is constantly welcoming new artists from all over the world.

Even more, you should seriously consider joining it for another, more essential reason:

This website will allow you to list for sale original paintings.

So, if you have works you don’t want to turn into prints, I’ll suggest looking further into Singulart.

7) Art Storefronts

In the interest of full disclosure, Art Storefronts may not be the best choice for you if you have no online working experience.

I think the more experienced of you will find it quite beneficial, though:

With Art Storefronts, you can build a website and sell both original work and reproductions.

If you feel like you can manage with that, I’ll say go for it:

The website comes with a large educational platform and tons of tools to help you do a better job selling your art.

8) Artfinder

art finder

Next on my list of websites to sell art online is Artfinder.

Here is the deal with Artfinder:

It’s easy to use, fun to be one, and it will provide you with an incredible opportunity to sell your work.

Even more, Art Finder will shower with plenty of ways to push your art on its first page:

There is a ranking for artists, and it changes with new updates every week!

And what the Azucar Gallery just might be?

Is it an art gallery similar to the rest on this list?

Yes and no:

Azucar Gallery is an online platform where thousands of artists list their work for sale.

But it’s also a place that hosts IRL exhibitions quite often, so you may want to take advantage of that!

10) ShairArt

By all means, ShairArt operates a bit differently than what you might expect:

The site is rich in opportunities not only for artists but for other online galleries as well.

Many collectors tend to hang there, so ShairArt is worth the try.

You don’t want to miss any potential customers, do you?

11) Displate

best websites to sell art online: displate

Who wants to see their work on a metal print?

Hopefully, you do because Displate will let you do that.

Signing up and having a membership on Displate is free of charge.

All you have to do to start selling art is to upload it – the site will take care of everything else.

12) Saatchi

Moving further down the list of websites to sell art online, it’s time to talk about Saatchi.

These days, the site is one of the largest art marketplaces in the world.

It does much more than allow artists to make money from their work:

You’ll be surprised how hard Saatchi promotes its artists too!

Other Websites To Sell Art Online

  • Jose Gallery – This site will help you get closer to the Russian and Chinese audience. It won’t hurt to increase your brand awareness in these markets, right?
  • Artquid – How do you feel about creating a 3D gallery of your work? If such an opportunity interests you, Artquid is the place to visit.
  • Art Please – Art Please is another bridge between artists and collectors.
  • Artsper – Don’t waste your time looking further into Artsper if you’re an aspiring artist – the website will probably refuse your request to join it.

Time To Wrap

OK, I’ll have to stop writing now – my list of websites to sell art online is coming to its end.

With that, I’m sure I’ll do plenty of updates to this article:

As soon as I discover a new site to help you sell artworks, you’ll be the first to know.

Until then, maybe you have thoughts or ideas you would like to share with me?

That would be great!

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